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Favorite Zion After Dark.

Angels Landing

4.4 mi 7.0 km 1,390' Up 423.64 m Up 1,390' Down 423.61 m Down

Springdale, UT
Favorite The Delaware Water Gap comes alive in the autumn. Interstate 80 (seen below and on the left side of the Delaware River) puts drivers right in the action.

Mt. Tammany Summit

3.4 mi 5.5 km 1,151' Up 350.73 m Up 1,182' Down 360.36 m Down

Strouds…, PA
Favorite Representing the REI NP Centennial backpack at Dream Lake, looking towards Flattop Mountain (right) and Hallett Peak (left).

Emerald Lake

3.3 mi 5.4 km 661' Up 201.34 m Up 651' Down 198.3 m Down

Estes Park, CO
Favorite Hiking through the Narrows

The Narrows - Bottom Up Route

5.1 mi 8.2 km 305' Up 92.99 m Up 305' Down 92.92 m Down

Springdale, UT
Favorite Grinnell Lake overlook.

Grinnell Glacier

10.3 mi 16.6 km 1,774' Up 540.61 m Up 1,777' Down 541.59 m Down

Swiftcu…, MT
Favorite Winding Stairs section of the Eagle Rock Loop

ERL- Eagle Rock Loop

25.5 mi 41.0 km 2,505' Up 763.42 m Up 2,511' Down 765.37 m Down

Dierks, AR
Favorite The Teton Peaks

Lake Solitude

14.2 mi 22.8 km 2,246' Up 684.47 m Up 2,246' Down 684.46 m Down

Jackson, WY
Favorite The top of Nevada Falls is the best place on earth.

Vernal and Nevada Falls Loop

6.2 mi 10.0 km 1,999' Up 609.27 m Up 1,998' Down 608.87 m Down

Yosemit…, CA
Favorite Stream in the Smoky Mtns.

Alum Cave - Cliff Top Out and Back

10.7 mi 17.3 km 2,773' Up 845.09 m Up 2,773' Down 845.09 m Down

Gatlinburg, TN
Favorite Looking at the Continental Divide from the trail from Granite Park Chalet on the way to the Loop.

Highline to The Loop

11.7 mi 18.8 km 1,183' Up 360.66 m Up 3,554' Down 1083.33 m Down

Red Roc…, MT
Favorite Traverse Echo Canyon's tunnel of color along the East Rim Trail.

Observation Point

6.7 mi 10.8 km 2,131' Up 649.48 m Up 2,130' Down 649.21 m Down

Springdale, UT
Favorite Rim Trail somewhere in between Sunset and Sunrise Points.

Fairyland Loop

8.1 mi 13.1 km 1,460' Up 444.86 m Up 1,458' Down 444.26 m Down

Panguitch, UT
Favorite The second of 6 waterfalls in Whiteoak Canyon (the 1st being the very upper falls).

Whiteoak Canyon to Cedar Run Loop

8.2 mi 13.1 km 2,255' Up 687.39 m Up 2,255' Down 687.38 m Down

Stanley, VA
Favorite Park visitors get up close and personal with the surrounding canyons.

Queens Garden Navajo Loop Trail

3.0 mi 4.8 km 615' Up 187.42 m Up 615' Down 187.42 m Down

Panguitch, UT
Favorite South Falls shrouded by fall leaves.

Trail of Ten Falls

7.8 mi 12.5 km 1,062' Up 323.62 m Up 1,063' Down 323.97 m Down

Lyons, OR
Favorite Looking down at Devil's Bridge

Devil's Bridge Trail

1.6 mi 2.5 km 342' Up 104.32 m Up 342' Down 104.24 m Down

West Se…, AZ
Favorite Amazing sunny day at Avalanche Lake with all of the falls flowing.

Avalanche Lake via Trail of the Cedars

6.2 mi 9.9 km 616' Up 187.82 m Up 616' Down 187.75 m Down

Red Roc…, MT
Favorite The Loch, Rocky Mountain NP CO

Loch Vale

6.0 mi 9.7 km 1,083' Up 330.25 m Up 1,086' Down 331.15 m Down

Estes Park, CO
Favorite Bridge to Nowhere, Angeles National Forest

Bridge to Nowhere - East Fork Trail #8W13

9.8 mi 15.8 km 814' Up 248.01 m Up 814' Down 248.01 m Down

La Verne, CA
Favorite Catching a weekday sunrise will be sure to keep you from the crowds of this busy hike.

Rattlesnake Ledge

4.3 mi 6.9 km 1,111' Up 338.7 m Up 1,110' Down 338.42 m Down

Riverbend, WA
Favorite View of Hidden Lake taken from the lookout at the top of the trail.

Hidden Lake Overlook

2.7 mi 4.3 km 490' Up 149.25 m Up 489' Down 149 m Down

Red Roc…, MT
Favorite Zion Canyon Overlook with Rainbow

Canyon Overlook Trail

0.7 mi 1.2 km 101' Up 30.81 m Up 101' Down 30.78 m Down

Springdale, UT
Favorite Tule elk male, Tule Elk Reserve, Tomales Bay

Tomales Point Trail

9.8 mi 15.7 km 996' Up 303.54 m Up 996' Down 303.53 m Down

Inverness, CA
Favorite Double Arch at the terminus of the Double Arch Trail

Double Arch Trail

0.5 mi 0.8 km 31' Up 9.41 m Up 31' Down 9.4 m Down

Moab, UT
Favorite At the Base of the Peaks with permission from Hobbes7714 Photo Credit: Andrew Wahr  Link: https://twitter.com/WahrAndrew

Jenny Lake

7.3 mi 11.8 km 385' Up 117.35 m Up 384' Down 117.19 m Down

Jackson, WY
Favorite Abrams Falls.

Abrams Falls Out and Back

5.1 mi 8.2 km 550' Up 167.56 m Up 550' Down 167.56 m Down

Maryville, TN
Favorite St Mary's Falls.

St. Mary / Virginia Falls

3.1 mi 5.0 km 467' Up 142.38 m Up 467' Down 142.44 m Down

Rising Sun, MT
Favorite Jordan Autumn Twilight Pond

Jordan Pond Path

3.4 mi 5.5 km 29' Up 8.91 m Up 28' Down 8.55 m Down

Bar Harbor, ME
Favorite The Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls

Lower Yosemite Fall Trail

1.0 mi 1.6 km 75' Up 22.74 m Up 84' Down 25.55 m Down

Yosemit…, CA
Favorite Lower Eaton Canyon Falls.

Eaton Falls

3.6 mi 5.8 km 382' Up 116.53 m Up 382' Down 116.5 m Down

Altadena, CA