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Favorite Profile of Linville Falls from Plunge Basin

Linville Falls Full Tour

4.7 mi 7.6 km 953' Up 290.58 m Up 938' Down 285.8 m Down

Spruce…, NC
Favorite Sunset of my life at second beach campsite.

Olympic National Park South Coast Route

16.1 mi 26.0 km 1,971' Up 600.8 m Up 2,217' Down 675.82 m Down

Forks, WA
Favorite ASE radar

Intercept Lot to Rodeo Lot via Sky Mountain Park

7.7 mi 12.3 km 1,206' Up 367.57 m Up 882' Down 268.94 m Down

Snowmas…, CO
Favorite The trail heads up the hill in the background

North Cottonwood Loop

3.6 mi 5.9 km 872' Up 265.81 m Up 871' Down 265.5 m Down

Belgrade, MT
Favorite Rainbow Falls in the Walter - Newton Natural Area.

Walter - Newton Loop

1.5 mi 2.5 km 158' Up 48.3 m Up 156' Down 47.69 m Down

Plymouth, NH
Favorite Storms over North Carolina.

Mt. Rogers Out-and-Back

9.7 mi 15.7 km 1,216' Up 370.51 m Up 1,214' Down 370.12 m Down

Marion, VA
Favorite Such an incredible spot in Yosemite. Clouds Rest is appropriately named with 360 views of the park including Half Dome.
Very Difficult

Sunrise to Happy Isles via Clouds Rest and Half Dome

20.0 mi 32.2 km 4,111' Up 1253.07 m Up 8,216' Down 2504.21 m Down

Yosemit…, CA
Favorite Salto Jimenoa 2

Salto Jimenoa 2, Jarabacoa

1.0 mi 1.7 km 524' Up 159.63 m Up 523' Down 159.41 m Down

Jarabacoa, DO
Favorite Hiker and forest in Kern Canyon on High Sierra Trail.

Eastern Sierra Tour

66.9 mi 107.6 km 8,476' Up 2583.59 m Up 8,477' Down 2583.64 m Down

Lone Pine, CA
Favorite Ridge view of Bhairi
Very Difficult

Bhairi Traverse

2.2 mi 3.5 km 636' Up 193.83 m Up 932' Down 284.22 m Down

Bcharré, LB
Favorite View of multiple peaks and the valley

Fletcher Peak Out-and-Back

6.4 mi 10.3 km 1,894' Up 577.21 m Up 1,894' Down 577.18 m Down

Pahrump, NV
Favorite Tahquitz Peak and Tahquitz/Lily Rock from the top of Suicide Rock (panorama view)

Deer Springs to Suicide Rock

6.5 mi 10.5 km 1,799' Up 548.37 m Up 1,799' Down 548.19 m Down

Idyllwi…, CA
Favorite Owing to its scenic views and easy network of trails, the Abalone Cove Shoreline Park is a popular place for visitors of all ages. The people will then out as you proceed further down the trails and away from the parking area.

Abalone Cove: East Beach Hike

1.2 mi 1.9 km 156' Up 47.59 m Up 157' Down 47.8 m Down

Rancho…, CA
Favorite Climbing the ridge to the summit

Sendero San Sebastián

8.7 mi 14.0 km 3,698' Up 1127.08 m Up 3,698' Down 1127.19 m Down

Pucón, CL
Favorite Southern Sierras 39

Isabella Peak Out-and-Back

2.2 mi 3.5 km 376' Up 114.61 m Up 376' Down 114.57 m Down

Wofford…, CA
Favorite Iona Island View from Northern Jones Point Route

Manny's Swiss Army Knife Route

15.0 mi 24.1 km 3,013' Up 918.36 m Up 3,014' Down 918.66 m Down

Fort Mo…, NY
Favorite View east from Pole Mountain

Sea to Sky Trail

8.2 mi 13.2 km 2,721' Up 829.43 m Up 753' Down 229.64 m Down

Monte Rio, CA
Favorite Descending from the bluffs toward the columns below at the edge of Crowley Lake.

Crowley Lake Columns Hike

3.7 mi 6.0 km 345' Up 105.23 m Up 346' Down 105.35 m Down

Mammoth…, CA
Favorite Council Bluffs Lake

Council Bluff to Brushy Creek Lodge

31.7 mi 51.0 km 3,018' Up 919.92 m Up 3,195' Down 973.96 m Down

Bismarck, MO
Favorite A juvenile california condor, as evidenced by the black head, glides on thermals around the High Peaks.

Pinnacles Loop

11.2 mi 18.1 km 2,457' Up 748.87 m Up 2,458' Down 749.22 m Down

Soledad, CA
Favorite View of Western Zippety facing south towards Fruita. Zippety ridge runs parallel on the left.

Fruita Trail Half

12.0 mi 19.3 km 1,111' Up 338.6 m Up 1,118' Down 340.7 m Down

Fruita, CO
Favorite The hike heads up a wash on a path of round stones, making the route somewhat technical for the 1 mile distance.

Bonita Falls Trail

1.5 mi 2.4 km 374' Up 114.11 m Up 374' Down 113.92 m Down

Mount B…, CA
Favorite The sunset trail as it winds its way through the fields in the preserve.  Wildflowers bloom in the fields in the spring, and animals feed in the fields in the evenings.

Edgewood Nature Preserve Loop

5.7 mi 9.2 km 1,034' Up 315.3 m Up 1,028' Down 313.25 m Down

Emerald…, CA
Favorite Allen mountain summit

Allen Mountain Out-and-Back

18.7 mi 30.1 km 3,471' Up 1057.9 m Up 3,471' Down 1058.07 m Down

Lake Pl…, NY
Favorite Deadman's view.

Moab Retreat: Day 3 Full Pint

15.2 mi 24.4 km 1,416' Up 431.68 m Up 1,416' Down 431.52 m Down

Moab, UT
Favorite Deadman's view.

Moab Retreat: Day 3 Half Pint

10.1 mi 16.3 km 885' Up 269.79 m Up 885' Down 269.83 m Down

Moab, UT
Favorite A golden hour sunset view of a grasslands plateau in the Island of the Sky Section of Canyonlands National Park, just off the Chisholm Trail.

Moab Retreat: Day 2 Half Pint

16.1 mi 26.0 km 1,407' Up 428.76 m Up 1,407' Down 428.8 m Down

Moab, UT
Favorite A golden hour sunset view of a grasslands plateau in the Island of the Sky Section of Canyonlands National Park, just off the Chisholm Trail.

Moab Retreat: Day 2 Full Pint

23.7 mi 38.1 km 2,108' Up 642.42 m Up 2,097' Down 639.04 m Down

Moab, UT
Favorite View of the steepest hill on the road.

Moab Retreat: Day 1 Full Pint

13.8 mi 22.3 km 1,830' Up 557.88 m Up 1,833' Down 558.64 m Down

Moab, UT
Favorite The mighty Colorado River seen from the Jackson's Trail

Moab Retreat: Day 1 Half Pint

6.7 mi 10.8 km 1,039' Up 316.75 m Up 1,044' Down 318.06 m Down

Moab, UT